The Songs That Time Forgot: Least popular hit songs since 1900.

The Songs That Time Forgot: Least popular hit songs since 1900.

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A Taxonomy of Innovation by the Luma Institute. 

A Taxonomy of Innovation by the Luma Institute. 

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Light Barrier

Open air art installation by Kimchi and Chips produces geometric forms in air with an array of computer controlled mirrors and lights - video embedded below:

Kimchi and Chips create phantoms of light in the air, crossing millions of calibrated beams with their work Light Barrier, 2014. The light installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space as they do through time.

A fascination with natural light drove the technique of the impressionist painters, they explored new qualities of colour and the trail of time. Kimchi and Chips’ study of digital light discusses a new visual mechanic, their installation adding to the visual language of space and light. As the artist’s inquiry deepens, brush strokes become descriptive like code, detailing reality and allying light with canvas.

You can find out more background about the project at Creative Applications here

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Chino Otsuka : Imagine Finding Me 

Chino Otsuka uses photography and video to explore the fluid relationship between the memory, time and photography. At age 10 she moved from Japan to the United Kingdom to attend school. Her experience of becoming familiar with a new place, a different language and new customs while she was developing her adolescent identity has profoundly shaped her work in photography, video and writing. Her series Imagine Finding Me consists of double self-portraits, with images of her present self beside her past self in various places she has visited. As Otsuka says: “The digital process becomes a tool, almost like a time machine, as I’m embarking on the journey to where I once belonged and at the same time becoming a tourist in my own history.”  - via AGO

I am unexpectedly weepy looking at this.

gosh that’s… moving in a really gentle kind of “mother your inner child” way…

It’s so good that I ALMOST SCROLLED PAST IT because I assumed they were just regular pictures

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Design is the Experience — Medium


What would it be like if all Design was UX Design?

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Keeping algorithms secret is central to their cultural-economic power, which is the capacity to employ quantification in the service of qualification. Numbers have disappeared from view

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To treat images of the past as historical documents or as evidence of outmoded concepts is wrong : they are specific solutions to ongoing artistic problems - and this is what makes them of interest today.
Bridget Riley (via itsyourstofind)

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25 life-saving tips for Processing | Amnon P5 - Experiments with Processing by Amnon Owed


Certainly a re-post. Thanks to Jerome Herr for the reminder on the wonderful Facebook Processing group.

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elevenplay dance performance with drones at Spiral Hall

Japanese dance group Eleven Play perform a piece choreographed with both dancers and drones together - video embedded below:


(Related - a previous PK post with the same team in an impressive performance combining precise projection mapping onto the dancers - Link)

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Blossom type, Alice Mourou

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Rudnik Nelson - “After Rembrandt” 2014

a generative portrait created using a homebrew proce55ing app programmed by the artist.

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Disneyland Original Prospectus | Via

These extremely high-resolution scans were made from one of the three sets of pitch-documents Roy and Walt Disney used to raise the money to build Disneyland. There are no archive copies of this document. Neither the Walt Disney Company nor the Walt Disney Family Museum have it. But we certainly hope both organizations will download these documents for inclusion in their collections.

Roy Disney — the Disney brother who controlled the company’s finances - — didn’t like the idea of Disneyland at first. Walt Disney poached the best talent from the studios to help him flesh out his idea for a new kind of amusement park, eventually winning over Roy, who helped him raise the $17 million it took to build Disneyland.

The first animator Walt took into the project was the legendary Herb Ryman. Over the course of a weekend in 1953, Walt and Herb drew the storied first map of Disneyland, as pictured here. An additional eight typed pages of description and sales copy were added to these pages and the resulting “brochure” was used as an unsuccessful pitch session that Walt and Herb conducted for three different New York bankers.

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Here is how the internship scam works. It’s not about a “skills” gap. It’s about a morality gap.

1) Make higher education worthless by redefining “skill” as a specific corporate contribution. Tell young people they have no skills.

2) With “skill” irrelevant, require experience. Make internship sole path to experience. Make internships unpaid, locking out all but rich.

3) End on the job training for entry level jobs. Educated told skills are irrelevant. Uneducated told they have no way to obtain skills.

4) As wealthy progress on professional career path, middle and lower class youth take service jobs to pay off massive educational debt.

5) Make these part-time jobs not “count” on resume. Hire on prestige, not skill or education. Punish those who need to work to survive.

6) Punish young people who never found any kind of work the hardest. Make them untouchables — unhireable.

7) Tell wealthy people they are “privileged” to be working 40 hrs/week for free. Don’t tell them what kind of “privileged” it is.

8) Make status quo commentary written by unpaid interns or people hiring unpaid interns. They will tell you it’s your fault.

9) Young people, it is not your fault. Speak out. Fight back. Bankrupt the prestige economy.

The moral bankruptcy of the internship economy | Sarah Kendzior (via brutereason)

solarbird added: see also the intrinsic fraud of the prestigious internship. (via solarbird)

this comes from the top rope.

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I pretty much hit reblog on this after point 1 alone.

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